Casae Study: Wrigley Field & the Chicago Cubs

Situation: The Chicago Cubs opted to "green" Wrigley Field in 2010 and approached Free Green Can to determine the optimal approach

Free Green Can Solution: Fans now find 25 dual-purpose Free Green Can surrounding the outer footprint of Wrigley Field. The cans provide year-round public recycling opportunities for Cubs fans, residents and visitors of the Wrigleyville neighborhood. The Free Green Can "Recycle on the Go" program is exclusively sponsored by the Solo Cup Company and allows users to recycle glass, plastic, paper and aluminum at one convenient station. Annual environmental impact will be reported in conjunction with Allied Waste

An example (above) of the large format ads that enable Free Green Can to bring public recycling to communities, venues and businesses. Learn how to advertise your brand and share your "green message" on Free Green Can. Click here




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